About Us

Elite Design Pvt. Ltd. have been in business of manufacturing merchandising counters, maintenance & services of display counters, point of sales, retail outlets, kiosks and other promotional products for over 12 years, with no one unsatisfied customer to date. The company has appx. 18000 sq. ft. workshop area and are well versed with experts and experienced people of the industry. We continue to develop and improve our technical skills and produce some of the finest products in the industry. We have developed approachable reputations of supplying and servicing of merchandising counters, maintenance, services and all other promotional products. We work hard to maintain our reputation and relationships with our client by offering them highest quality products and services to meet their need. We are able to provide & supply according to creative needs of our clients and deliver them high quality product and time bound services.

We believe in creating value for our customers by delivering what we promise. We are here to win the trust and confidence of customers by adhering to high standards of quality and product reliability every time, all the time.


Our mission is to provide ample merchandising solutions that improve sales, productivity, profitability, satisfaction and unite our self as a quality brand providing value for money and creating trust in consumer psyche for the promotional activities required.


Our vision is to realize the potential capability of promotional activities and fulfill customer needs at right place, at right time with competitive price.

Why rely on Us?